UPDATE: The gallery is live @ Chad & Kellie DeVries

Remember the event key is Kellie’s maiden name all lower case.

Check it out!

This was a very special wedding for Michele and I to be a part of being that Chad is Michele’s cousin and they are both some of the best people I know. I know that Kellie is a welcomed addition to the DeVries family and Michele and I are glad that we were able to be so involved in such a magnificent day. This wedding couldn’t have been in a more beautiful setting right in their own front yard. Awesome. So here’s some images to ponder and if you read the bottom of this post I will give you directions to view the rest of the images in a couple of weeks.

Kelly looking gorgeous!

The perfect setting!

Awwww… The comfort!

Can’t you just feel the love?

An enchanting first dance.

The Newlyweds!!

Pucker up!


Now that I have wet your apetite a little, don’t forget to come back June 30th to see the WHOLE day! All you have to do is go to www.inphotography.net and click on Store. From there you should see Chad and Kellie on that page. When you click on their picture you will be asked for an event key or password. This will be Kellie’s maiden name all lower case. I will also post a direct link to their gallery once it is up so you can always check back here for more info.