Our photo booth isn’t just any photo booth, it’s The Naked Photo Booth and here is why you’re going to love it…

1.  It’s naked! We call it a photo booth for lack of a better term but it’s really not a  booth at all.  It’s completely exposed, or as we like to say, naked.  A traditional photo booth is only fun for those actually inside the booth.  Without any walls, everyone can get in on the fun!

2.  Unlimited photos. You and your guests can take as many photos as your hearts desire.  Mark & I still hold the record of 577 photos from our wedding in 2008.  We dare you to beat it!  (Update: Shadi & Jonathan and their guests just blew us out of the water with, drumroll please, 702 photos!  Try and beat that!)

3.  Instant gratification. Next to the camera is a screen that instantly displays each shot after it’s taken.  You can’t help but try to continually outdo your last shot.  It’s completely addicting!!

4.  It’s self serve. We provide a remote control allowing you and your guests to have complete control while we continue to photograph your reception.  Let me tell you, the things people will do when we are not behind the camera is quite hilarious.

5.  You get it all. After your wedding you will get a disc of high resolution files of every single photo taken in the photo booth.  Every single guest at our wedding participated in our photo booth.  As an alternative to favors, I printed a 4×6 of each of our guests in the photo booth and sent it in their thank you note.

6.  Pure entertainment. The level of entertainment that the Naked Photo Booth adds to your wedding is priceless.  And we are always sure to do just that, add to the entertainment of your night.  We always set it up close to the dance floor so that it is a seamless part of your party.  Never taking guests away to a different area of your reception venue to use it.

7.  The more the merrier. A traditional, enclosed photo booth can only accommodate 2-3 people.  The Naked Photo Booth can easily fit 4 but can fit up to 8 if you get creative!

7.  Because it’s flat out, too much fun not to love!

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