Our fourth day in Ireland took us north into County Clare and the quaint beach towns of Lahinch and Doolin.  Probably the least touristy towns and therefore my favorites of our entire trip.  What we had seen so far was gorgeous but definitely a tourist mecca and therefore not our cup of tea.  So far Ireland was much rockier than I had imagined so I was delighted by the expanse of rolling green hills when we pulled off the ferry after crossing the Shanon River.  I absolutely loved the pristine coastline property that, unlike here in the states, there were not million dollar mansions but modest homes and cattle in every yard.  A cow’s life in Ireland is not bad.  They have quite the view.  I have to hand it to the Irish too.  Grocery stores were rare (I think I saw two in eight days) and instead it appeared as if everyone raised their own cattle and grew their own gardens.  It was inspiring to try and be a little more self-sustaining.  On our way to Doolin we were tempted to drive right on past the Cliffs of Moher  since I read that they were one of Ireland’s biggest tourist traps but wow am I glad we decided to stop. I don’t know if it was the fact that the rain had finally broke after an all day downpour or that I got an adrenaline rush from the idea of falling to my death with one wrong step but the Cliffs ended up being one of my top two favorite things about our trip to Ireland.   Check it out!

It’s only 700 feet to the water.  Eeeek!

To make matters worse, the trail was super slick from a days worth of rain.

I’d like to say that I’m ballsy enough to actually sit on the edge like that but in reality I’m a total wiener.  Just looking at this photo gives me the creeps.  See the next two shots.

We just couldn’t help ourselves.  : )

Funny story.  As we’re headed back I spot this couple that I SWEAR by their body language just got engaged.  I start snapping photos and convince Mark that seriously, he JUST popped the question and gave her a ring.  They hugged, kissed and keep looking at the ring!  So with the variety of lenses we have on us we snap a variety of super cool photos (without being obnoxious about it of course) and are prepared to show them once we catch up to them.  We talk a bunch of crazy talk like, how freaking cool would it be if we showed them these awesome shots we got of the very moment they got engaged and they just love them so much that they want us to come back to Ireland to shoot their wedding.  So as we’re approaching them we see that 1) they keep looking at their phone, not a ring and 2) they don’t speak English.  Doh!  Now I feel like a stalker.  Oh well.

We ended the night at O’Connors in Doolin where we were treated to some traditional Irish music for the second night in a row.  The music and the pub scene was my most favorite part about Ireland.  I should preface that by saying I am not at all a bar scene type of girl.  I’m a total homebody but the pub atmosphere was different.  It was just the community gathering place where everyone came together to swap stories at the end of the day.  All ages, all types of people.  Then a few guys would walk in, grab a booth, break out their instruments and break into song.  It was absolutely fantastic.