We get asked for camera recommendations all the time and it’s funny how everyone is looking for the same results.  Since it’s the holiday season and everyone is out searching for the perfect gift, I thought I would share our recommendation for the best introductory SLR (single lens reflex) camera.  If Mark were writing this right now he would get super technical on you (he’s the tech genius in this relationship) but I’m going to stick to the basics (I’m the opposite of a tech genius).  So in every e-mail I get from someone looking for an SLR recommendation, they want the following:

*Under $1000
*Better quality than their old point and shoot camera
*No shutter lag (the time it takes for the photo to be taken from the time you press the shutter button)
*Lightweight, something that is not a pain to travel with or take to kid’s games, etc.

It’s usually new parents that are looking to upgrade their cameras to get better shots of their kids.  I really can’t think of a better reason to spend some extra cash.  And, as many of you already know, those darn point and shoots are never fast enough to catch your kids in action once they are the move.

We are 100% Canon users and have always been extremely satisfied with their long line of products.  The Canon Rebel T2i meets all the criteria above but does not break the bank.  And, the best part about an SLR is that you can always upgrade to new lenses over time.  Every single piece of camera equipment we purchase comes from B&H Photo.  They offer the best price and best selection.

Next week I’ll share our recommendation for our favorite point and shoot.  Happy shopping!