Many of the weddings we photograph are destination weddings so it is not uncommon for us to book via phone or e-mail without meeting the couple in person first.  We often will meet the couple for the first time at their engagement portrait session and we have no idea what to expect.  Will they be nervous, excited, will we have a lot to talk about, what’s their style?  George & Jessica showed up to their shoot on a gorgeous afternoon in Breckenridge and had been traveling since 4am.  I expected them to be exhausted and anxious to get through the shoot quickly but they were the coolest, most easy-going couple.  We totally hit it off, had a blast getting some great shots and cannot wait for their Breckenridge wedding in March.  They also came to town just in time to enjoy Colorado’s shortest but most beautiful season.  Here are a few of my favorites from their engagement portrait session.

A little side note:  We were able to create these images in just 30 minutes.  When a couple like George & Jessica has been traveling since 4am and they’re only in town for 2 1/2 days and all they want is a cold beer and to go to bed, we don’t insist that we take photos for the next two hours.  Engagement portrait sessions are uber-flexible.  If you want to spend an hour or two together, change outfits and go to more than one location, awesome.  If you just want a couple great shots but have a busy schedule, that’s totally cool too.  That’s the beauty of engagement portraits.  There are no rules.

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