My one piece of advice if you ever decide to take a trip to Ireland: take all your rain gear, if you don’t own any buy some.  We knew we were taking our chances with the weather going at the end of October but we’d rather take the mediocre weather in exchange for less crowds.  The first half of the trip the weather was so-so but the second half was just flat out cold and rainy.  That didn’t stop us from exploring though, we came prepared.  On day five we had high hopes of making the ferry trip out to the Aran Islands but thanks to the weather that was out of the question.  Instead we hit up The Burren.  The Burren is a region in County Clare covered in limestone rock.  It’s extremely sparse and almost feels as if you’ve landed on another planet. After getting lost in the Burren and perfecting my worthlessness as a navigator we ended the day in Lahinch.  To our delight, the rain ceased just before sunset.  We were able to remove our hoods, remove our cameras from their plastic bags and stroll the beach in our hiking boots until dark.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade this trip for anything but after being covered in cold weather gear at the last two beaches I’ve visited I think it might be time for a tropical getaway!

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