Let me start by saying, Love This Day Events is a wedding planning and event design company based in the Rocky Mountains.  The woman behind the magic at Love This Day Events is Kara Delay, someone I am delighted to call a friend and colleague.  Here are three reasons why you should call her and book her for your wedding right now!

1.  She is one of the most warm, caring, spunky, energetic, genuine, passionate people I have ever met and she brings all of these qualities to each and every wedding that she is a part of.  Her energy is contagious and she will be one of the reasons your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life.

2.  Her freakish attention to detail and way of making things happen no matter what the situation.  I’ll share a little story.  The day we met was at a wedding at Devil’s Thumb Ranch.  I had been with the bride at her cabin prior to the ceremony.  We left the cabin and headed to the ceremony site where the guests were waiting and the ceremony would begin when the bride arrived in her father’s vintage car.  The moment we arrived the gods above had other plans and lightning struck literally within feet of the ceremony site and the rain came pouring down.  As I run for cover, I see this woman out of the corner of my eye who is so calm, yet so assertive in directing the relocation of the ceremony.  That was when I met Kara.  I was in shock and awe 1) by the sheer size and surprise of this summer storm and 2) by the way Kara handled the whole situation.  It seemed like  in no time the guests were inside and dry, chairs were positioned, flowers were moved and Shanon & David were exchanging their vows inside the barn.  Kara impressed me from the very first day we met and has continued to do so.  She is a force to be reckoned with and will do whatever it takes to create the perfect day for you.

3.  Between now and January 15th Kara is giving holiday thanks in the most generous of ways.  All wedding coordinations booked in that time-frame will have 10% of the total sales donated in the name of the bride and the groom to their choice of one of four deserving charities.  Really this is reason enough in itself to book Kara right now and is a great example of the kind of person she is.  You can click here for more details.

Kara is based in the Rocky Mountains and knows all the ins and outs to creating the perfect mountain wedding, however she travels far and wide, most recently to Tuscon and Napa.  You can find Kara at www.lovethisdayevents.com.