In the span of just a few weeks, I’ve seen a camel on our way home from town, wild turkeys walking down our street and a bald eagle soaring above our house.  Ahh, how I love life in the middle of nowhere.  These are just some random photos of everyday life over the past couple weeks.  All taken with our Canon S90 point and shoot.  I carry it with me everywhere because you never know when you’re going to see a camel in the Rocky Mountains.

Spotting a camel far in the distance totally threw me.  Had I been in the desert I would have thought it was a mirage.  However, had I been in the desert, a camel wouldn’t have seemed nearly as strange.

Snow on the ground and yet the leaves were still hanging on.

I absolutely love Kaia’s one ear sticking straight up in this shot.

This is what happens to our friends that come and visit us.  We find every piece of warm clothing that we can find, pile it on them and drag them outside for a hike no matter how cold it is.  Sorry Audrey, I know you’re way more fashion forward than this.  : )

I love how blue the shadows are in the winter.