Mark easily summed up our trip in two words.  Driving and drinking.  We arrived in Ireland with just an idea of some of the places we wanted to see and that was it.  No set plans, no lodging reservations and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  We would wake up in the morning, hit the road and see where it took us.  Come nightfall we would stop in the nearest town, find a place to stay and then head out to the local pub.  I’m learning to break my habit of having to plan everything and have come to find that being free to be spontaneous is half the fun.

A typical street sign in Ireland.  Want to go to Cliffs of Moher?  Turn left.  Want to go to Milltown?  Turn right.  Want to know the name of the street you’re on?  Sorry, there isn’t one.

Like I said in my second post about this trip, we got a flat.  Seemed pretty inevitable with the kind of driving we were doing.  However, I’m still shocked we didn’t return this car looking like a crunched up piece of paper.  I knew Mark was a good driver but not THAT good!

We happened to get a flat right in front of an absolutely gorgeous property so I wandered around and took some photos.

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