October 1st and fall is holding on but the storm clouds are building and winter is in the air.  October in the Rocky Mountains can be a big fat question mark in terms of the weather.  Last year on this date, the sun was shining so brightly our couple could hardly look at each other without squinting while exchanging vows.  Not on this day though, the problem was quite the opposite.  The rain was coming in waves and as the ceremony was set to begin it was pouring.  Megan & Caleb decided to hold out for a bit.  See what happens.  I didn’t blame them.  The sun could have come out at any second.  After waiting for about a half an hour that didn’t look like it would be happening.  But these two didn’t come all the way from Texas to get married inside.  They were at a loss.  Get married inside or get married in the rain.

When Megan asked me for my advice I told her that I just didn’t want to see her spend her wedding day in the bridal suite waiting for the rain to stop.  She agreed and asked if someone would go ask for Caleb’s thoughts.  I went upstairs to find Mark talking to him about the predicament and I asked him how he was feeling about it.  His answer could not have been better.  With a huge smile on his face, he exclaimed “I just want to get married!”.  He was so excited to see his bride, to exchange vows, I don’t think he would have cared if he was getting married at a landfill.  It was fantastic.  And so, get married they did.  And in the rain.  It was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed.

We did a few photos inside and few outside.  We take what we can get and we make the most of it!

Rain while the sun is shining.  You just didn’t know what you were going to get that day.

Waiting and hoping for the storm to pass.

Rain?  What rain?  These two obviously didn’t care.

I would bet money, the last thing on their mind at this moment was the weather.  I tell this to couples all the time that are worried about the weather.  Once you are there…in that moment…getting married to the love of your life…it really doesn’t matter.

The moment the ceremony ended, the rain stopped and made for some dramatic skies.

Hoorah, we could stay outside and take some photos!

There are two aspen trees at Ten Mile Station.  Two.  I love Mark for finding this angle.


Location: Ten Mile Station, Breckenridge, Colorado
Photographer: IN Photography
Florist: Bloom
Cake: Blue Moon Bakery
DJ: A Great Time DJ
Hair: Roots

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