At the Utah/Colorado state line is a huge old, brown sign that says “Welcome to Colorful Colorado”.  I love this state more than any other that I’ve ever been to and could describe it in many ways but “colorful”, probably not.  However, for two weeks in September the sign lived up to itself and Colorado blew my mind.  For those two weeks I didn’t get much work done because I had to be outside, soaking up every moment of it.  We went on hikes, scenic drives, did tons of “faux camping”, took tons and tons of photos and just generally enjoyed it while it lasted.  Good thing too because now it’s January it’s freezing outside!  Some of the shots we took…

One day we drove in to town for lunch, we live in a rural area 30 minutes from Silverthorne, and on our way home decided to drive down every dirt road we could find to see where it led.  Most of them eventually came to a dead end at a hiking trail or ranch but along the way we found ourselves in the middle of some amazing aspen groves.

We did still get some work done.  Along the way we found some great new spots for engagement portrait sessions and brought Anastasia & Conor back here the following week.

Another day we found a great spot along the river where we took our shoes off and saw how far we could get by hopping across the rocks on the river bank.


Wondering what I meant by “faux camping”?  Well in the summer and fall we’re so busy with weddings that we rarely have the time to go camping.  To fulfill our desires, we find a great camp spot, make a fire, grill up some dinner, watch the sunset then go home and get back to work.

The view from one of our favorite camping spots.  The best part is that it’s only about 10 minutes from our house.

Life is way too short to not stop and soak up the sunshine every now and then.  I hope you were able to get out and enjoy this short but magnificent season as much as we did!