I have a lot of passion for my business.  I give a lot of myself to my business to create an exceptional experience for my clients.  Whenever I meet another person doing the same, I immediately gravitate towards them and have a tremendous amount of respect for them because I know just how dedicated you have to be to achieve this.  We only met Lindsey a year ago but I knew immediately that she was one of those people.  Lindsey is the owner of One Fine Day Productions in Steamboat.  Not only is she a full-time wedding coordinator but florist also.  After working together on more than one occasion last summer, we saw first hand just how dedicated she is to each and every wedding that she is a part of.  Watching her work is inspiring, she makes it look easy even though there is nothing easy about the hours and the work she puts in to see to it that her clients have the perfect day that they always dreamed of.  Steamboat weddings and One Fine Day Productions are synonymous.  As soon as you know you plan to get married in Steamboat, Lindsey should be the very first person you call.  You’ll be very, very happy you did.  Then call us : )