Have I ever mentioned how much I love Jewish weddings?  So rich in tradition and the horah, who doesn’t love a good horah?!  Rebecca & Ben came from NYC to Breckenridge for their destination wedding last summer.  We had not yet met, just exchanged e-mails and phone calls for a few months before the wedding and when we showed up they each could not have been more warm and welcoming.  As soon as I met Rebecca she thanked me for being the most organized and easy to reach vendor that they had hired.  This was probably the third time a bride told me this last summer and as much as I appreciate the compliment, my thought was, shouldn’t every vendor be organized and easy to reach?  Call me crazy, but I kind of thought that was our job.  Nonetheless, Rebecca & Ben’s wedding day was flawless and filled with nothing but joy.  Some photos from their slope-side wedding in Breckenridge…

Rebecca’s dress  was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

Mazel tov!

This was shot in the reflection on the window.

A quiet moment alone just before their grand entrance.