We’re frequently asked about digital negatives.  Are they included in every package?  Are they high-resolution?  Do we get printing rights?  All great questions that I’m always happy to answer.  So here’s the scoop…

First, to avoid any confusion, digital negatives are the digital files of your wedding photographs delivered on a disc.  Just in case you didn’t already know that part!  All files are in .jpg format.

1.  We always include digital negatives in our photography packages.

2.  Our digital negatives are high-resolution.

3.  Our digital negatives include printing rights.  This means you can take your disc to any lab and make all the prints your heart desires.

4.  Printing rights is not the same thing as Copyright.  Although we grant you the rights to print anything you like, we retain the Copyright.  If we did not retain Copyright, we would not have the right to show you anything that we’ve photographed.  It would be hard then to convince you that we really are wedding photographers. : )

5.  Your wedding image collection will be edited before your digital negatives are delivered.  We’ll spend a few hours getting rid of all the duplicates, test shots and missed moments (those unflattering shots you’d rather not see of yourself) so that you only spend your time looking at the good stuff.

6.  Each individual image in your wedding image collection will be hand-touched to look it’s very best before your digital negatives are delivered.  We’ll adjust white balance, contrast, exposure, etc.  to make sure they are perfect before you ever seen them!

7.  Digital negatives will not be retouched.  Retouching includes blemish removal, teeth whitening, softening wrinkles, etc.  Due to it’s time consuming nature, retouching will only be done on prints and albums purchased from us.

8.  Digital negatives are delivered 4-6 weeks after your wedding.

Not all digital negatives are created equal.  How and when they are delivered, what’s included and if they are high resolution (print quality) or web resolution (not suitable for printing) can vary from photog to photog.  Be sure to ask each photographer that you meet, how it works with them.

Did I miss anything?  Feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to answer your digital negative questions!

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