Two years ago when we bought our house we thought having private fishing rights on the Blue River was a pretty sweet perk.  For two years now we’ve talked about how we should really learn how to fly fish and take advantage of those private fishing rights of ours.  Last week, thanks to the kick-ass Kara Delay, we stepped into some waders and hung out on the Blue River for the afternoon.  Kara is the uber-talented owner of Love This Day Events.  (She’s one of Colorado’s very best wedding coordinators, if you haven’t hired a coordinator yet, call her now!)  Kara’s husband, Jason, happens to be a fly fishing guide.  So, last week, thanks to Kara & Jason, we got the privilege of casting a line into the Blue and pretending to be fly fisherman.  Between the bright blue sky, warm sun, cool water, one brown trout, two happy dogs, great conversation and a fishing net full of beer, it was the perfect Colorado day.   

Kara was cool enough to snap a few photos of us in action.  Did I mention she kicks ass?

While Jason was showing us how it’s done…

…Mark was busy catching trees : )

Mark definitely caught on quick but I think I’m going to stick to my day job.  Regardless, it was a blast and we can’t wait to do it again!