In April we spent a week visiting Mark’s family & friends in Iowa.  A few photos of our shenanigans…

I absolutely love visiting Mark’s grandpa’s farm in Iowa.  So vastly different from anything I ever experienced growing up in L.A. and the Arizona desert.

When Mark’s grandpa asked me if I liked lilacs, I responded yes and in a matter of moments the tractor was running and he was instructing Mark to get in the bucket.  I was quite entertained.

Mark’s best friend from high school has two adorable little boys.  Meet Xander…

I love that he went from riding his quad to helping his grandpa fill a trench while still wearing his helmet.

Meet Xyler.  He always kept a close eye on me, not sure what to think of the camera but I managed to sneak a few good shots!

The weather was perfect for an afternoon BBQ at Mark’s sister’s house.  I’m not sure how this all came about but somehow Mark ended up having target practice with a nerf bow and arrow.

The targets?  None other than our three nieces and nephews.  Sabrina has no fear, obviously!

What I love is that they so enthusiastically lined up against the shed ready and willing to get fired at!

Thanks to our friends & family for a great trip!  We’ll see you in July!