Summer is our busy season.  A time when every single weekend from Memorial Day until Halloween, we’re working.  For more years than I would like to admit, if we weren’t at a wedding our noses were buried in our computers.  My favorite season would come and go only seen from my office window.  In May our friends knew they wouldn’t see us again until November.  It was depressing.  As much as we love what we do and are grateful for such a thriving and wonderful business, there had to be some sort of compromise.  This business was our whole life and we were getting burnt out fast.  So, two years ago when we moved out to the boonies, we began to find some perspective and were determined to find some balance.

Now, when summer arrives we define the term “work hard, play hard”.  By some small miracle and a lot of trial and error, we have become experts in time management.  We take real days off, hike almost every day, see our friends and go on camping trips………during the summer.  The best part, years ago I thought the business would suffer if we took time for ourselves but the reality is the complete opposite.  Our business is better than ever because it’s no longer a ball and chain.  When it’s time to work we’re excited to work and eager to create amazing photographs and the best possible experience for our clients.  So, this year we’re getting creative with how we achieve that perfect balance between our personal and professional lives.  We’ll have more on that later.  This post is dedicated to the trip that we look forward to all year.

Our amazing friends Kate & Doug own an incredible chunk of land down south.  These two have taken this raw piece of land and made it their own.  They have collected four vintage campers and strategically placed them throughout the property.  In the center is a beautiful fire pit and amazing outdoor kitchen setup.  I can hardly describe in words what an amazing little camping retreat this is.  Luckily I have photos to tell the story.  This is roughing it, Kate & Doug style…

By day, we hike and sit in the river…

Yes, that is Kaia sitting on a rock in the river.

Their property sits in this incredible valley surrounded by the Rocky Mountains.

Stress does not exist here.

Come dusk we grill and watch the sunset…

Come nightfall, if the temps drop drastically like they did on this trip, we retreat to “The Kitchen” camper for games, drinking and dessert.

On our way back home we always stop in to the Como Depot for an incredible meal before we part ways.

How awesome to have two friends that realize Mark & I rarely get our picture taken and will snag our camera to get a few shots of us.

Kate and Doug you are two of the most fun, creative, amazing people we know and we feel lucky to call you friends.  Thank you for sharing your little piece of heaven with us!