How is it September 3oth!  Summer and Fall in the Rockies is, hands down – no question, my favorite time to be alive.  There is no better place to be.  However, it always feels like you wake up on June 1st, blink, and then it’s September 30th.  Between keeping everything running smoothly for the business during its busiest time to trying to soak up every ray of sunshine before the snow flies, it’s as if life gets put on fast forward.  We were more dedicated than ever this year to finding that perfect work/play balance and I’m stoked at how much life we fit in to this summer but the last 30 days have been a total blur.  Last night I was trying to recall it all, hence this little September recap post.  Here’s just a blip of the last 30 days and over 20,000 photos that we’ve taken…


Logging miles was my #1 personal goal this summer.  June, July and August each logged well over 100 miles between biking, hiking and running.  We went in to September with no intention of letting up starting with this killer hike to Herman Lake:


The first week of September I photographed Karen & Steve’s picture perfect Beaver Creek elopement.  These two were too much fun.  It’s hard to call it work on days like these.


The next day Alexis & Akos tied the knot at Ten Mile Station in Breckenridge.  The rain came down just long enough to create this magical scene:


The day after that Shannon & Brian wed at the one and only Beano’s Cabin in Beaver Creek.  Their wedding kicked off a string of some of the most sun-drenched weddings we’ve ever seen.  September turned out to be THE month to wed in the Rockies this year.

Labor Day was our first chance to get out for a hike in nearly a week so we weren’t about to let the pouring rain stop us.

The second week of September I got to meet this little nugget.  We photographed her parents wedding three years ago and could not have been happier to be the ones to take their first official family photographs.

Amongst the craziness of our busiest month of the year, we fit in a little over-nighter in Aspen along with something we haven’t done since our wedding.  A photo shoot of us.  We met up with the insanely talented Carl Zoch for a little lifestyle portrait session on Independence Pass.  To say I’m anxious to see the results of that day is a gross understatement : )

Before heading home from Aspen we squeezed in a hike to Independence Lake.
The following weekend we returned to Beaver Creek for Jen & Court’s wedding at the Beaver Creek Chapel and Park Hyatt.  These are two of the kindest, happiest, coolest people we’ve ever met.  This photo is one of many that radiates the joy we witnessed that day.

The Sunday after Jen & Court’s wedding we opted for a slightly less strenuous hike to Shrine Ridge.  I think we might have ended up spending more time on the patio at Pugs eating wings and soaking up the sun than we did on the trail.

Moving on to the 3rd week of September, we met up with Caitlyn, Zach and their two boys for their engagement portrait session in Dillon.  Since these two have been together more than ten years, I foresee quite the party when they make it official in March!

The next day, this hike to McCullough Gulch North of Breck, blew our minds.  When we crested the hill after a 1.5 mile climb, our jaws dropped.  We were on a schedule that day and didn’t stay long so I’m anxious for the day we can get back and soak up this view for more than a few minutes.

After our hike, Mark headed South to help a friend with a construction project while I headed home to work but first I took a little detour to Boreas Pass to stroll among one of the best aspen groves in Summit.

Mark’s one night getaway to our friend’s new home in South Park:

On the 19th, it was back to Timber Ridge for Brittany & Eric’s Keystone wedding.  I’m speechless to what a perfect day this was.

Our Sunday hikes started to look more like this.  Come this last week, it all started to catch up with us.

Last week we held a little impromptu free fall photo session for all our favorite vendors around Summit County.  A little something to say thank you to all those that make our job so much fun every summer.  We had a blast and I am so excited to sort thru the hundreds of awesome photos we took of everyone that joined us.  Here’s the last of us that stuck around that night to enjoy the sunset and toast to a great season:

This last week it seems like we can’t get thru our 30 minute drive from town to home without stopping to take photos.  Nothing captivates me more than fall colors.  It’s always a trigger to get outside and enjoy every last second of beautiful weather because we all know what’s next, the cold white stuff.

Lisa & Steve’s mid-week wedding at Ten Mile Station in Breck was an intimate, emotional, joyous day to be a part of.  Yet another perfectly sun-drenched Colorado day.

This brings us to last Saturday at Perry-Mansfield in Steamboat where Sarah & Zak wed in (gasp) an aspen grove.  There is nowhere else I want to be in September than an aspen grove.  What a glorious freaking day.

Come Sunday, we didn’t have it in us to get out on the trail so on to the next best thing…a leisurely Sunday drive to Leadville.

This girl always manages to steal my seat when I get out to take photos.  I cannot believe how fast her face is turning white.  How we have 9 and 11 year old dogs, I have no idea.  Time, indeed, is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes.

So here we are at last night.  This month we have driven all over Summit County, to Vail, Steamboat and Leadville to soak up the fall color.  After all that leaf peeping in search of the best color, it turns out the best we’ve seen is right out our back door here in the Blue River Valley.  After hours of photo editing, we took a spontaneous sunset drive up Williams Peak and once again found ourselves picking our jaw off up the ground and feeling eternally grateful to live in this magnificent place.

This Saturday we return to beautiful Beano’s Cabin in Beaver Creek.  We’ve never been there this late in the season and I cannot wait to see what the surrounding aspen groves have in store for us!

And that’s September!  We hope you’ve enjoyed this spectacular fall season as much as we have!