You may remember Anna & Kevin from their Ten Mile Station wedding back in 2010.  We’ve never met another couple quite like them which is saying a lot because we work with some pretty amazing people.  These two have such an incredible spirit.  There’s an energy about them that being around them makes you want to be a better person.  I could not have been more delighted when they referred their good friend Silke to us.  Not only did we get to photograph Chris & Silke’s stunning Copper Mountain wedding but we got the opportunity to catch up with Anna & Kevin as well.  It’s important to us to thank those that send us business and for Anna & Kevin that meant an excuse to get together for a little family portrait session with Anna & Kevin’s adorable son Liam.  We’re no experts when it comes to photographing children but we can fake it well enough to gift some of our favorite people a few memories of their time in the mountains.


There’s one last photo to share and it comes with a little back story.  The jumping shot.  It’s a tradition of Anna & Kevin’s.  They do it every where they go.  For their engagement portrait session, they demonstrated what pros they are at the jump shot.

At their wedding, their wedding party had no qualms when asked to join in on the tradition.  When we received Anna & Kevin’s completed worksheet prior to the wedding, this was the one and only photo they requested.

And so, as we wrapped their family portrait session, it came as no surprise to me that they wanted to end it with a jump shot.  Baby Liam included.  I love it.  Kevin makes it look as though he’s been jumping while holding a baby his entire life.  I foresee many hilarious Sullivan family jump photos in this little guy’s future.  I hope we’re the ones to capture another great moment like this sometime down the road.