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Catching up with Anna & Kevin


You may remember Anna & Kevin from their Ten Mile Station wedding back in 2010.  We’ve never met another couple quite like them which is saying a lot because we work with some pretty amazing people.  These two have such an incredible spirit.  There’s an energy about them that being around them makes you want to be a better person.  I could not have been more delighted when they referred their good friend Silke to us.  Not only did we get to photograph Chris & Silke’s stunning Copper Mountain wedding but we got the opportunity to catch up with Anna & Kevin as well.  It’s important to us to thank those that send us business and for Anna & Kevin that meant an excuse to get together for a little family portrait session with Anna & Kevin’s adorable son Liam.  We’re no experts when it comes to photographing children but we can fake it well enough to gift some of our favorite people a few memories of their time in the mountains.

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Vendors We Love: KHodge Films

As is true in any profession, some people are really good at what they do and others not so much.  We’ve seen the good, bad and the ugly when it comes to wedding vendors (mostly good, I’d like to note) but nothing directly affects our work more than the videographer.  And vice versa.  Photographers and videographers must work seemlessly together in order to do their best work.  If you’ve hired a photographer like us that has a very unobtrusive approach and likes to let everything happen naturally and organically then it doesn’t make much sense to hire a videographer that has the opposite approach and wants to stage your day from start to finish to see that every move you make is perfect.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking that approach but the two don’t mesh together very well.  Trust me, I know from experience.  Vendors should always be working together to see that your wedding day is flawless and a good photographer/videographer combo will do just that.

When we first met Kyle & Erica, a husband and wife team just like us, we were absolutely delighted at their skill, professionalism and approach which is much like ours.  We truly worked together to see that we all could create the best possible product for our client.  Before the wedding was even over I knew that I’d be going out of my way to recommend these two.  Their talent is remarkable.  Not to mention, they’re just cool people that you’ll enjoy being around which is extremely important when it comes to choosing your photographer and videographer since we will be with you the entire day!  If you’re looking for the perfect videographer or are on the fence about hiring one at all, head over to  I promise you, you’ll be glad you did!

Lindsey & Charlie in Steamboat Springs


Probably the biggest perk of our job is the people we meet and the friends we make.  Lindsey Grannis, owner of One Fine Day Productions, is an incredible person.  Whether it’s at a wedding or elsewhere, we always have a great time.  Back in the fall, when our schedules finally allowed it, we got together for a fun, casual shoot with Lindsey and her horse Charlie.  Charlie absolutely adores Lindsey.  I’m thrilled we got the chance to take some fun photos of these two together. Continue reading ‘Lindsey & Charlie in Steamboat Springs’

6 weeks, 5 states, 4,000 miles and nothing but good times


The day before Thanksgiving we left on an adventure that we had been dreaming about for years.  We spend every December in my Arizona hometown of Lake Havasu City.  Needless to say, we know Interstate 70 and Interstate 15 very well but every time we would pass Utah by, we thought about how much there is to see between Colorado and Arizona that we’re missing.  However, with our Subaru busting at the seams with two people, two dogs, camera gear, clothes, everything we needed to run our business for a month and more, it just wasn’t appealing to do anything but get from Point A to Point B as fast as possible.  Enter our Four Wheel Camper.  Seriously, a year ago I never in a million years would have thought a truck camper was for me but it has turned out to be a dream come true.  This year we comfortably packed every thing we needed to live for 6 weeks in to our truck and camper and hit the road.  One goal, get to Havasu via the most dirt roads and least amount of interstate possible.  It was indirect and time-consuming and that was the whole point.  Just as we had speculated, Utah is incredible and is more beautiful than you could ever imagine.  We barely scratched the surface on this trip and the list only grew of all the places we hope to explore further.  I have no idea how many photos we actually took, but are here are a few to give you just a taste of what this trip was all about… Continue reading ’6 weeks, 5 states, 4,000 miles and nothing but good times’

Ruby & Ophelia’s 13 Month Portrait Session


I cannot believe my favorite twins are 13 months old!  This was their third photo session since birth (newborn and seven months) and now that they are walking they really gave me a run for my money!  Luckily this was not official business, just a fun afternoon with friends and their two insanely adorable little girls.  If my career depended on my ability to get twins to smile and look at the camera, I might be in trouble.  However, I think I still managed to capture some fun moments for Kim & Rich to have and look back on fondly.  I can’t wait for the next session but until then here are Ruby & Ophelia at 13 months.

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