Ten years ago I confessed to my college roommate that I’d fallen for him. Three months later, with nothing more than two photography degrees and a dream, we started IN Photography. It started as a portrait studio in Arizona and evolved in to wedding photography in the Colorado Rockies. Since then we have had the privilege of photographing close to 200 weddings and have endless gratitude for being trusted to document one of life’s greatest experiences. They’ve taken us all over the state to some of the most remarkable venues in the country and have brought us in to the lives of those that share our love of life and the great outdoors. In addition, we’re lucky enough to work with the most incredible vendors that share our passion for creating a flawless experience for our clients.

To each of you-vendors, clients, friends-we thank you for making our first ten years in business extraordinary.

Starting with 2014 and going all the way back to 2004, here is a very small selection of the people, places and moments that will forever make me smile.  Our adoration for these couples that have helped shape our career is hard to express.  We simply thank you for being you!

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We never stop learning, growing and challenging ourselves to make IN Photography the best it can be.  With that, we look forward to making the next ten years even better!