If you’re looking to get married at a dreamy destination in the Rocky Mountains but don’t want to ask your guests to drive hours and hours to get there, then Breckenridge & Keystone are most likely two of the places where you’re looking for that perfect venue.  Both towns/resorts offer a wide variety of picture-perfect venues, Timber Ridge in Keystone and Ten Mile Station in Breckenridge being two of the venues we work at the most.  Couples have asked us which is our favorite and that’s like asking us which we think is cuter, puppies or kittens.  We love both!  (though Mark would probably say puppies : )


Since these two phenomenal wedding venues are similar but different, I totally see how it would be hard for a couple to decide between the two.  We’ve spent a lot of time at both so I thought I’d share some insight in to what we know about each venue.  I should preface by saying, I am simply speaking from a photographer’s perspective and have no special interest in either venue.  Nor do I have any knowledge of the cost, capacity, etc. of either venue.  I hope to give you a better idea of generally what each location is all about and at the bottom of this post will connect you with the right people to call if you think Timber Ridge or Ten Mile Station is the perfect venue for you!

Getting There

Timber Ridge (Keystone): Getting to Timber Ridge involves two separate gondola rides that take a total of about 30 minutes.  This is a surefire way to make an impression on your guests.  The views are out of this world and the enclosed cabin keeps everyone feeling safe.  However, those weary of heights may not be very happy that this is the only way to get to your wedding : )

Ten Mile Station (Breckenridge): Getting to Ten Mile Station is about a 10-15 minute drive from downtown Breckenridge, most of which is on a dirt road that criss-crosses the ski runs up to Ten Mile.  Guests are typically shuttled from their hotel to Ten Mile via a transportation company that the Bride & Groom have arranged.  This drive may not be the same as a gondola ride but it’s still an experience in itself.  While many people have ridden down a ski run, not many can say they’ve driven up one in the middle of the summer.

timber ridge wedding transportation

The second gondola ride to Timber Ridge.


Getting Ready

With both venues you have the option of getting ready at the condo/hotel/house you’re staying in or at the venue.  Both provide a designated area for the bride and her bridal party.  At Ten Mile it’s a small room in the lower level, at Timber Ridge it’s a large restroom.  They’re not the most picturesque “bridal suites” but I’m always able to get some fun candids.  If getting ready photos and detail shots such as your dress hanging, shoes etc. are really important to you I recommend getting ready at your condo/hotel/house.  However, keep in mind, the beauty of your getting ready location will be moot if it’s overrun with food/luggage/clothing/etc.  So if you want gorgeous getting ready photos the cleanliness of the space is just as important as the space itself.


Getting ready at Ten Mile Station


Getting ready at Timber Ridge


The Ceremony

Timber Ridge (Keystone):  Timber Ridge offers two ceremony locations.  On the deck just outside the reception doors or on the Anticipation ski run, a very short walk from the reception.  There’s a bit of give and take with these two options.  While the ski run offers wide open views of the glorious mountain peaks in the distance, the terrain you’ll be walking on to get down your aisle is a bit rough.  Nothing crazy but you’ll have to take it slow in heels.  The deck is much easier for everyone to move around on but the trees make the mountain views less visible.

Ten Mile Station (Breckenridge):  Ceremonies at Ten Mile Station take place on the patio just outside the reception space with great views of the mountains.

Timber Ridge wedding ceremony

Timber Ridge wedding ceremony on Anticipation ski run

Timber Ridge wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony on the deck at Timber Ridge

Ten Mile Station wedding

Ten Mile Station wedding ceremony



Both Timber Ridge & Ten Mile Station offer seclusion and the feeling that you have the entire mountain to yourself.  You’re completely removed from the general public.  While Ten Mile Station only holds one event at a time, Timber Ridge is part of a larger building called The Outpost that has one other restaurant (Alpenglow Stube) available for weddings at the same time.  Alpenglow Stube is a smaller space for smaller weddings and we’ve never seen a wedding there interfere with a wedding at Timber Ridge.  If there is a wedding taking place at the Stube at the same time as your Timber Ridge wedding, there is a good chance you won’t even notice it.


Timber Ridge


Ten Mile Station


The Reception

I think the best I can do here is just share photos!  Both spaces are gorgeous in their own right, rustic but not too much so (no deer heads or anything on the walls : )  Both are great canvases to add your own personal style.  We’ve seen both venues decorated in various styles and color schemes…all gorgeous.

Cocktail hour on the deck at Timber Ridge.

Cocktail hour on the deck at Timber Ridge.

Reception setup at Timber Ridge.

Reception setup at Timber Ridge.

Wedding reception at Timber Ridge.

Wedding reception at Timber Ridge.

ten mile station wedding

Cocktail hour on the patio at Ten Mile Station

Ten Mile Station wedding

Reception setup at Ten Mile Station

Wedding reception at Ten Mile Station.

Wedding reception at Ten Mile Station.



Ten Mile Station can accommodate a band but if you’re looking at a really large band, Timber Ridge has a stage that can better fit them.

Live band playing on stage at Timber Ridge in Keystone.

Live band playing on stage at Timber Ridge in Keystone.

Wedding reception with live band at Ten Mile Station in Breckenridge.

Wedding reception with live band at Ten Mile Station in Breckenridge.


More photos & Contact Info

Hopefully this little comparison of Timber Ridge vs. Ten Mile Station has given you an idea of what each venue has to offer!  You can’t go wrong with either and can be certain that both offer remarkable settings for a Colorado mountain wedding that your friends and family won’t soon forget.

For more information about Timber Ridge at Keystone Resort, call 877-625-1541 or e-mail keystoneweddings@vailresorts.com.  For more information about Ten Mile Station, call 800-332-0424 or e-mail Brecklodginggroups@vailresorts.com.


Check out our venue galleries for many more photos from these two locations…

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