Every year when I begin putting this year-end slideshow together, I wonder why I do it.  It takes hours to go back thru every wedding and pull my most favorite photographs of the year.  Then I get done, watch the finished product, smile from ear to ear the entire time and remember why I do it.  Because I get to watch a year’s worth of work wrapped up in one slideshow and I couldn’t be more honored of the celebrations we got the opportunity to be a part of and proud of the work that we’ve created for 24 incredible couples.  My favorite part of this job is being responsible for capturing the joy that our clients have on one of the most important days of their lives.  That is a huge and wonderful responsibility.  To all our couples from 2013, thank you for being you and welcoming us in to your lives.  To all of you who we have yet to meet, this slideshow is a great representation of our fun, classic, relaxed photography.  We can’t wait to meet you.  Here’s to an equally incredible 2014!