Have you ever been going about life as usual and then one day, out of the blue, you discover something that you never knew was a “thing”?  Years ago I randomly discovered, while surfing the web, the Pan American highway.  I had NO clue that, with the exception of the Darien Gap, you could drive from Alaska to the tip of South America.  That little discovery blew my mind and I obsessed over Pan-Am blogs for months.  Last month I made a new discovery and it’s my new found obsession:


Just those two words completely piqued my interest and as I continued to learn more about this incredible photographer in Oregon who is talking about these so-called Guided Elopements, I learned this is something that I HAVE to do.  Here is what I discovered.  Couples that are deeply connected to nature (like Mark & myself) that are looking to exchange vows in an epic way without the wedding hoopla, hire this photographer to lead them to an extraordinary back-country locale via hike where they change in to their chosen wedding attire behind a rock, vow their lives to one another, celebrate with their favorite brew, have a picnic and take some phenomenal photographs.

HOLY SMOKES!  How have I never thought of this!?!

The sheer idea of it makes me happy and warms my soul.  I LOVE Colorado, I love all the nooks and crannies in the mountains that Mark & I have discovered over the years and one of my greatest joys in life is to share those places with people that appreciate Mother Nature the way we do.  I LOVE marriage and the beauty of two people devoting their lives to one another.  I LOVE couples that love life, embrace life and think outside the box.  I don’t love when a wedding overshadows the marriage and takes on a life of its own causing couples to lose sight of what’s most important, fretting and stressing over things that are minute compared to the monumental gesture they are about to make.

Some girls dream of their wedding day their entire lives.  Some girls don’t give it much thought until Mr. Right make his appearance.  Either way, a wedding day, for many, is one of the greatest days a person will ever experience.  For them, I am honored to be the one to make that day in time stand still.  However, weddings aren’t for everyone and if you’re the kind of person that wants to turn left when everyone else turns right, more power to you.  I often times am that person.  I like to consider all my options and had I known about Guided Elopements in 2007 when Mark proposed to me, there is a very good chance Carl Zoch – guided elopement photographer extraordinaire – would have walked us in to the woods to be married at the base of some magnificent waterfall (to be followed by a kick-ass BBQ with all our favorite people of course).  But that was then and this is now and until I’m married long enough for a “Guided Vow Renewal” my new goal in life will be to begin photographing Guided Elopements in Colorado.