It’s time for the very last post of 2014 and our 867th post since starting this blog back in 2005.  While the task of gathering up some (we could never fit them all) of our favorite images of the year is daunting, once its completed I absolutely love looking back on what an incredible year it’s been.  I look back on the overwhelming amount of joy, happiness, laughter and love that we get to document each year and am overcome with gratitude for this job.  It’s an honor, in the least.  To all of you that were a part of it, we wish you a lifetime of joy.  For those weddings that lie ahead in 2015, we anticipate another phenomenal year and cannot wait to meet those of you whose smiles will be a part of this post next year.

Here’s a look back at all our Colorado mountain weddings from 2014…
(and don’t forget to check out the best in Black & White from 2014 here)

Timber Ridge wedding Keystone

Jamienne & Ryan, Just Married at Timber Ridge in Keystone, Colorado.


Aspen Wedding Deck ceremony

Rachel & Dan married at the Aspen Wedding Deck.


Keystone gondola wedding transportation

Keystone, Colorado



Jamienne shares a private moment with her father before walking down the aisle.

Aspen Wedding Deck ceremony

First Look at the Aspen Wedding Deck.



Meghan and her father ready to walk down the aisle!

Winter wedding Beaver Creek Colorado

Michelle & Paul’s January wedding in Beaver Creek, Colorado.


Groomsmen | Dercum Mountain in Keystone.

Timber Ridge wedding Keystone

Kelly & Matt’s First Look | Timber Ridge, Keystone

Timber Ridge wedding

Jamienne & Matt | Timber Ridge, Keystone

Breckenridge wedding

Kelsey & Mark | Breckenridge, Colorado

Keystone wedding

Groomsmen | Dercum Mountain, Keystone.

Breckenridge wedding

Megan & Stetson | Breckenridge, Colorado.

Spruce Mountain Ranch wedding

Sara & Bridesmaids | Spruce Mountain Ranch

Beaver Creek wedding moments

Meghan & her flower girl | Beaver Creek, Colorado

Breckenridge wedding moments

John & Groomsmen | Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge wedding photography

Kristin & Bobby | Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge wedding

Whitney & Bridesmaids | Ten Mile Station, Breckenridge

Beano's Cabin Beaver Creek

Beano’s Cabin | Beaver Creek, Colorado

Catamount Ranch wedding Steamboat

Lindsay & Kirk | Catamount Ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Devil's Thumb Ranch wedding

Andrea & Justin | Devil’s Thumb Ranch

Marabou Ranch wedding Steamboat

Bryna & Michael | Marabou Ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Beaver Creek wedding details

Allyssa & Bridesmaids | Beaver Creek, Colorado

Beaver Creek wedding

Laura & Andrew | Saddle Ridge in Beaver Creek, Colorado


Kelly’s nephew requested a hug before they walked down the aisle.

Keystone wedding scenery

Jamienne & Ryan | Keystone, Colorado

Devil's Thumb Ranch wedding

Andrea & Justin | Devil’s Thumb Ranch

Keystone wedding portrait

Jamienne & Bridesmaids | Timber Ridge, Keystone

A-basin wedding Black Mountain Lodge

The wedding processional begins at Chris & Tracy’s A-basin wedding.


A quick breeze kicks off Lindsay & Kirk’s wedding ceremony.

Spruce Mountain Ranch wedding

Lining up for Sara & Jed’s ceremony at Spruce Mountain Ranch.


Grandmother and grandson share smiles before Sara & Jed’s ceremony begins.


Stormy skies and views for days in Aspen, Colorado.

Stanley Hotel wedding

Dave & Mackenzie | Stanley Hotel, Estes Park

Timber Ridge wedding ceremony

Mallory & her father | Timber Ridge, Keystone


Weathering the storm | Aspen, Colorado

Aspen wedding ceremony

Rachel & Dan’s flower girl and ring bearer concentrating on their duties | Aspen, Colorado

Ten Mile Station wedding ceremony

Kelsey & Mark | Ten Mile Station, Breckenridge

One of the greatest moments of any wedding, walking down the aisle. Rachel & her father | Aspen, Colorado

Saddle Ridge ceremony

Allyssa & Sean’s flower girl | Saddle Ridge, Beaver Creek

Devil's Thumb Ranch wedding ceremony

Andrea & Justin’s High Lonesome Lodge ceremony | Devil’s Thumb Ranch

Steamboat mountain wedding ceremony

Amanda & Jacob’s mountaintop ceremony | Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Devil's Thumb Ranch ceremony

Andrea & Justin in pure bliss | Devil’s Thumb Ranch

Ten Mile Station wedding ceremony

Whitney & John’s Breckenridge wedding ceremony

Beano's Cabin wedding ceremony

Meghan overcome by emotion the second she lays eyes on James | Beano’s Cabin, Beaver Creek.

Timber Ridge wedding ceremony

Kelly & Matt’s Timber Ridge wedding ceremony | Keystone, Colorado

Saddle Ridge wedding

Allyssa & Sean’s Saddle Ridge wedding | Beaver Creek, Colorado

Aspen Wedding Deck ceremony

Rachel & Dan’s ceremony at the Aspen Wedding Deck

Marabou Ranch wedding Steamboat

Bryna & Michael | Married at Marbou Ranch!

Timber Ridge wedding ceremony

Jamienne & Ryan | Timber Ridge, Keystone

Timber Ridge wedding ceremony

Kelly & Matt’s Timber Ridge wedding ceremony in Keystone


Beaver Creek wedding moments

Husband and Wife! James & Meghan’s Beaver Creek wedding



Sunset at The Lodge @ Sunspot in Winter Park

Catamount Ranch wedding Steamboat

Lindsay & Kirk’s Catamount Ranch wedding | Steamboat Springs


Saddle Ridge Bride & Groom

Saddle Ridge | Beaver Creek, Colorado

Breckenridge Bride & Groom

Kelsey & Mark | Breckenridge, Colorado

Spruce Mountain Ranch Bride & Groom

Sara & Jed | Spruce Mountain Ranch

Devil's Thumb Ranch Bride & Groom

Andrea & Justin | Devil’s Thumb Ranch


Mia & Greg | Steamboat

Perry Mansfield wedding Steamboat

Mia & Greg | Perry Mansfield, Steamboat Springs

Beaver Creek Bride & Groom

Allyssa & Sean | Beaver Creek, Colorado


Amanda & Jacob | Steamboat Ski Resort


Black Mountain Lodge A-basin

Sunset at Black Mountain Lodge | A-basin, Colorado

Breckenridge winter wedding

Tasha & Ben | Breckenridge, Colorado

A-basin wedding

Tracy & Chris | A-basin, Colorado

Keystone mountain wedding

Mallory & Mitch | Timber Ridge, Keystone


Beaver Creek Bride & Groom

Meghan & James | Beano’s Cabin, Beaver Creek

Catamount Ranch wedding Steamboat

Lindsay & Kirk | Catamount Ranch, Steamboat Springs

Aspen Bride & Groom

Rachel & Dan | Aspen, Colorado

Aspen Hotel Jerome

Hotel Jerome | Aspen, Colorado


Rachel & Dan | Walking the streets of downtown Aspen


John & Whitney | Breckenridge, Colorado

Timber Ridge view

Sunset at Timber Ridge | Keystone, Colorado

Champagne Powder Room Steamboat Ski Resort

Amanda & Jacob | Champagne Powder Room, Steamboat Ski Resort


Hora! Timber Ridge, Keystone


Cheers! V3 Ranch in Breckenridge


Time to celebrate | Ten Mile Station


Laura & Andrew | The first dance | Saddle Ridge


Andrea & Justin | The first dance | Devil’s Thumb Ranch


High Lonesome Barn Devil's Thumb Ranch

A toast to the Bride & Groom | High Lonesome Barn, Devil’s Thumb Ranch


V3 Ranch wedding reception

V3 Ranch wedding reception | Breckenridge, Colorado


Kelly & Matt’s guests surprise flash mob | Timber Ridge, Keystone


Can you guess who caught the bouquet? | Beano’s Cabin, Beaver Creek


Kelsey & Mark’s Ten Mile Station wedding | Breckenridge, Colorado


Sunset | Breckenridge, Colorado


Mark & Groomsmen smoking cigars | Breckenridge, Colorado


Sara & Jed’s Spruce Mountain Ranch wedding reception

High Lonesome Barn wedding reception

Guests gather round the fire at Andrea & Justin’s Devil’s Thumb Ranch reception


Saddle Ridge wedding in Beaver Creek.

Cheers! Saddle Ridge, Beaver Creek, Colorado.


Thank you so much to our couples, their families and all the wonderful vendors that made the 2014 wedding season here in the Colorado Rockies so incredible!