We’re well in to wedding season which means we’re up to our ears in photos.  Downloading, editing, processing, blogging, you name it.  Come every Wednesday, we’ve put in enough hours to get a sneak peek off to our clients from the past weekend and I get filled with excitement.  Will they laugh? Will they cry?  Do they see the beauty and the happiness in every photo the way I do?  So off goes the sneak peek and I can only hope that our clients are overjoyed.  Then, I receive a note like the one below from Erin (her and Tom tied the knot at Timber Ridge in Keystone last weekend) and it makes me so freaking happy to know that we’ve captured their day in a way that will bring them joy for decades to come.  And really, that’s just a fancy way of saying we did our job.

A note from the Bride:
Michele & Mark-
Thank you so much for these amazing photographs!!! I actually saw them before I saw your email because I’ve been stalking your website the last few days!  Thank you for making the whole photography process so easy.  How you manage to take such beautiful photos in the speed that you do baffles me!  Taking the bridal party and family photos did not keep us away from the party at all.  We have never been happier and the pictures show it.  I feel like you really captured who we are as a couple and as individuals.  It was so easy to be ourselves around you, as you saw during my minor bridezilla moment or two before we got up the gondola.  Last Friday was the most amazing day ever, thank you for being a part of it and providing the photographs that allow us to relive it for the rest of our lives!